Courses I've Taken

Course # Name Hours Description
CMP_SC 7380 Database Management Systems 1 3 Fundamental concepts of current database systems with emphasis on the relational model. Topics include entity-relationship model, relational algebra, query by example, indexing, query optimization, normal forms, crash recovery, web-based database access, and case studies. Project work involves a modern DBMS, such as Oracle, using SQL.
CMP_SC 7610 Computer Graphics 1 3 Basic concepts and techniques of interactive computer graphics including hardware, software, data structures, mathematical manipulation of graphical objects, the user interface, and fundamental implementation algorithms.
CMP_SC 8085 Problems in Computer Science 3 Independent study project work with a professor in computer science.
CMP_SC 8050 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 2 3 Techniques for the design and analysis of correct, efficient algorithms. Topics include graph, geometric, and algebraic/ numeric algorithms, NP-completeness, and parallel algorithms.
CMP_SC 8610 Computer Graphics 2 3 Further study of computer graphics, focused on 3-D graphics, transformations, geometric and surface modeling, color models, visible surface determination, lighting and shading, standard graphics software (Phigs/OpenGL). Selected current topics in graphics such as visualization, animation and realism.
CMP_SC 8660 Multimedia Security 3 This course offers a comprehensive coverage of the theoretical foundation of multimedia security technologies, including encryption, authentication, digital watermarking, key management, copy control, fingerprinting/tracing, digital media forensics, and biometrics, provides an in-depth study of the state-of-the-art digital rights management systems and the underlying security technologies.
CMP_SC 8750 Artificial Intelligence 2 3 Further discussion of theories and techniques of artificial intelligence. Investigating state-of-the-art systems with capabilities to perceive, reason, learn and react intelligently to their environment.
CMP_SC 8630 Data Visualization 3 Data visualization broadly covers transforming multidimensional and timevarying datasets to dynamic visual representations and encodings that facilitate exploratory data mining, knowledge discovery, improved understanding, summarization, structural modeling, collaboration and decision making using interactive methods.
CMP_SC 8850 Computer Networks 2 3 In-depth analysis and evaluation of computer networking architectures, protocols and algorithms, network security, distributed database and computational networks, routing and congestion control, domains and internetworking.
CMP_SC 8370 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3 Course topics include an introduction to fundamental concepts, data mining techniques from machine learning and pattern recognition areas, association rules, web mining, spatial mining, temporal mining, multimedia/multimodal database mining, and database mining, and geospatial information mining.