Academic Projects

Computer Graphics 1

Simple 3D model manipulation program

Data Visualization

During a data visualization course at the University of Missouri I took a look at the MovieLens dataset and tried to find an interesting way to look at it. I wondered if there was a correlation between the percentage of movies belonging to sub-genres. See what I found out!

Computer Networks 2

During a computer networks course at the University of Missouri I chose to delve into Aeronautical Networks.
First Presentation Second Presentation Final Report

Database Management Systems

While learning about Database Management Systems we were given the task of developing project for a real world client. I led my team in creating a video request management system for the Department of Residential Life at the University of Missouri.

Multimedia Security

For my project I tried finding a fingerprinting solution that would remain responsive in a on-demand, highly-mobile ecosystem. Users would not want to be significantly delayed by the process and the idea of fingerprinting the videos on a mobile device would not be good. It could drain the user's battery and the hardware would take significantly longer to process. This is what I came up with.