Curtis Kelsey

Curtis Kelsey is a web developer for Truman State University. His work is backed by over 5 years of professional development experience, a MS in Computer Science, and several industry standard certifications. When he isn't working on projects he spends time playing badminton, playing with his two children, and improving his home with his wife ( He is currently leading the migration from in-house ASP code to PHP at Truman State University. You can reach him at curtis.kelsey (at) gmail (dot) com.

Bring me to life


Random posts about tech related stuff. Usually relates to code. I try to put the solution to any problems I come across in here as a post.


Projects that I have had the good fortune participate in. Perfect place to find examples of my work. Why the boat? Glad you asked. These are projects that 'shipped.' :)


Meet my collection of work that was done for academics, fun, boredom, or any other reason that does not include any affiliation with an employer. If I have spare time and a crazy idea it goes here.

Academic Background

I went to school for Computer Science and I am a fortunate college graduate that gets to work in my industry. Quite a bit of it has been at Universities though so I don't really feel like I've left yet. Anything you may want to know about my formal education is here.


Nope, not a boxer. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe someday. I really enjoy badminton, racquetball, ultimate frisbee, etc... I try to keep up the exercise to help with coding. More on the other side of the link. (the dark side?)